• FuskiUniversity lets you study anytime, anywhere. Our flexible teaching means you can study while travelling or relocating.

  • FuskiUniversity offers courses in Coaching, Business Development, Technology, Personal Well-Being, Natural Health, Brain Work, and Meditation. We provide flexible payment options and have a global reputation for excellence.

  • We develop skills for a sustainable, fulfilled future in harmony with earth and humanity. Meditation and kindness are Future cornerstones.

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Our Approach

People are no longer limited by their academic abilities as humanity is constantly evolving. To grow and succeed in today's environment, multiple competencies are required. Success and happiness necessitate an unwavering desire to learn. Fuski University takes a holistic approach to learn, providing you with skills in coaching, business building and technology, well-being, health, brain work, relationship, self-development and Meditation. These skills will help you succeed in life and build a career the way you want it.

Our students:

We train Health Professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring changemakers and individuals to help them create the businesses, and lifestyles they dream of. We do this by providing online courses, training programs, memberships, challenges, and free content. 


At Fustureskills University we promote a Service attitude. Self-improvement for yourself often does not go you far. You hit the ceiling very soon and are more likely to quit. That's why it's essential to have a greater purpose that is larger than yourself in mind. This means that your purpose may impact more than simply your life.

The Future of Healthcare and Wellbeing

Energy Healing, Meditation and Lifestyle Medizin

Working in the health sector is working towards a brighter future. Online Health consulting and e-learning in particular have become very popular in recent years. Become part of a large community worldwide that consciously and sustainably practice a form of medicine that has become known as lifestyle medicine. Advising people with the aim of strengthening them and supporting them in realizing their full potential is the core of all of our health-related courses. In a more and more technology-driven surrounding, adjusting our physical system to the new demands of our future living, it is a vital part of the FutureSkills University to provide forefront technology and techniques to keep you fit and healthy throughout the changes humanity has to face. And, at the same time, learn to teach and become a trainer in the field. We work together with Institutes and Universities like Gesundheits-Campus and Heart Math Institute.
Working together towards a Health world

We are

  • sustainable

  • succesful

  • authentic

Supercharge Your Growth

Health - Personal - Professional and Businessgrowth is a lot like sports

To be successful, you must work on your game every day, consistently pushing yourself forward and growing stronger. On the other hand, success has a lot to do with listening to your intuition and being connected to your heart's choice. The FutureSkills University was founded on this idea. We’re here to give you that push forward, to help you build your best Health, a successful business, and transform your life. We do this by combining essential business skills and coaching Training with personal growth and the LebenswandelVital Platinum Lifestyle Program.

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Check our online courses and start your journey with step-by-step learning, complete with workbooks and tools to get the results you want. Online courses are great for achieving specific results, allowing you to work whenever you want, wherever you want.

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Great Courses and Coaches

Julian, Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re wanting to learn both the art & science of Lifestyle Medizin, there is no better coach to learn from than Hema. I’ve taken plenty of courses online yet nothing goes as deep into the energy side as what Futureskills, Fuski University offers, so I have no hesitation in saying this is the most complete & wholistic program on the market. It's given me the skills, confidence and clarity for my own Lifestyle - as well as my clients!

Birgit, Darmstadt, Germany

Liebe Hema, ich bin so froh über die Möglichkeit an der Fuski Uni Kurse zu belegen. Besonders durch die Coronapause habe ich jetzt Zeit zur Weiterbildung. Die 7 Wochen Kur was sehr intensive und ich wurde bestmöglich betreut. Danke. Ich freue mich auf die Ausbildung zum Coach an der Fuski und auch auf die Kurse zum Thema Sustainability.

A great learning experience

Cathy ,Portland, Oregon

I had a great learning experience and was able to follow my course through.